Guide to Playing CityVille

There are plenty of websites that offer a guide to playing CityVille, but few of them really take you in-depth into how to start the game and quickly begin to master it. For the most part, CityVille is a typical Facebook game that uses energy, coins, and cash to advance in levels so that you can grow the population and prestige of your very own city. What this game brings that is new is the fact that you have to have goods in your businesses in order to collect money from them. While most other games based on this recipe donít need anything to gain money, CityVille requires you to have the goods to sell to your people.

You will also find that you have to build community buildings in order to gain more population to make your city bigger. Other games just require you to build homes for your population to increase, but the guide to playing CityVille changes that with community buildings to increase your population limit so that you can build more homes. This is unique to CityVille, so far, and is one of the reasons people love to play this game.

A good guide to playing CityVille will let you in on all the secrets to help you advance in level quicker than trying to figure it all out on your own. You gain experience by visiting your friendís cities and by completing certain tasks. You will gain experience by collecting from your homes and businesses and completing collection sets as well. Even building things in your city will gain you extra experience, and all of this adds up to help you level quickly. Nothing is better than seeing your city grow and your level quickly gaining new heights.

You can search online for a guide to playing CityVille and find a variety of sites that can help you get started, but there arenít too many available that will help you more than playing the game on your own. You can learn more by trying things out than you could ever read on any website. Besides, itís a lot more fun to get in there and play the game than it is to spend all that time reading through guides. You will also find a great tutorial when you first start to play that will run you through everything you need know to start playing.