CityVille Cheat Codes

There are a lot of people that are looking for CityVille cheat codes online so that they can gain some kind of advantage over the other players. While this is a common practice when it comes to computer and console games, there isnít any way to actually make a cheat code work with CityVille. The reason cheat codes do not work on CityVille is that the game isnít actually stored on the computer that you are playing the game from. The game is actually stored on a separate server, and that server doesnít even have anything to do with Facebook.

CityVille cheat codes are popping up all over the internet on websites that are trying to get traffic, and money, as they are promising something that they canít really deliver on. If you find one of these sites that keeping telling you they have all the cheat codes you could ever need to play CityVille, you should probably keep on surfing. There arenít any cheat codes and these sites are nothing more than scams to get your money. Besides, why would you want to cheat on a game like this?

Since there are no CityVille cheat codes available, itís a wonder that these sites are actually offering them. Of course, they have great pictures of what looks like a book on their site, obviously photo shopped, and they have plenty of reviews and comments from people that have supposedly bought these ďbooksĒ and swear by them. You should be aware that anyone, including the website owner, can write these comments out in order to hook people into paying for the book. You should be smarter than that and pass these sites by without a second glance, though. Instead, look for sites that have free tips and tricks to play CityVille.

If you take into account all the time that you will spend searching the internet for CityVille cheat codes and compare it to the amount of time you could have been playing the game, you will find that you could have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the game, instead. There is no reason why you canít have fun playing CityVille without using cheat codes, unless you really donít want to have fun and play the game like you are supposed to. Give the game a chance and find out what you are really missing instead of wasting time looking for cheats.