What is CityVille?

There are a few people out there that are wondering what is CityVille and why are so many people fascinated with this game? Well, the truth is that CityVille is a browser based computer game that you can play through Facebook with all of your friends. The main aspect of this game is to build a city just the way you want it and become the Mayor. While that may not hold too much amusement for some people, there are millions of others out there that live just to play this game every day.

If you are still wondering what is CityVille, then do a search online and you can find thousands of websites, most of them run by fans, which will explain every aspect of the game in great detail. This will give you the knowledge you want to know by the people that are actually playing the game. You can check out Zyngaís main website for information about this game as well. Zynga is the company that created CityVille and many other games that are the favorites of millions of Facebook users around the world. With so many fans, itís not hard to see why this game is talked about so much.

Of course, the best way of finding out what is CityVille is by actually playing the game yourself. It doesnít take too much to learn the ins and outs of this game and you will more than likely find yourself hooked on it after only a few minutes of playing. Actually, it is a bit out there when you first log in to play, but you will pick up the basics very quickly and see why so many people love to play this game. There may be other games out there like it, but they arenít CityVille.

So what is CityVille? The simple answer to that is that it is a city building game where you control all the action. You take on the role of becoming the mayor and build your city in order to make your population happy and gain as much money as you can. Then you can build more buildings and decorations to make your people even happier. That is the basic answer for the question, but if you need a more in depth answer, then you are just going to have to allow the application on Facebook and sit down the play it on your own.